5 Tips to Increase the Security of Your Smartphone


5 Tips to Increase the Security of Your Smartphone: Do you have a Minute?. This Few Minutes can help you prevent the next big security threat that is hovering over your Smartphone. Well, if you are of Today’s generation then a Smartphone by your side is one of the most common things.

Yet, “how much do we even care about our Smartphones?”.

This is a question that you should surely ask yourself.

And according to the recent survey, the security threats on Smartphones have increased by around 214% by 2016. In the United States alone more than 55% of the Smartphone users does not tend to care about taking any Security measures for their Smartphones.

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Well, if you are included in one of that 55 % of the people then you should certainly consider changing it.

5 Tips to Increase the Security of Your Smartphone

In this Post, we will try to mention some of the major security risks that can happen to a Smartphone users if the security of the device is not taken care off. And we will also provide you with the points that will help you increase the security of your Smartphone.

The tips that we have mentioned below are quite simple to practice and it is sure to increase the security of your Smartphone to some level.

1. Set Up Strong PIN/Pattern Password:

Setting up a Strong PIN or Pattern Lock on your Password can reduce the security threat up to 50%. But most of the users just does not tend to care to set up any Password for their Smartphone.

If you want to have your Smartphone safe from any external hands then you should surely consider setting up a Password lock for your Device.

Now the recent Smartphone provides multiple ways to lock your Smartphones. Setting up a Pattern lock on your Smartphone is simpler than a PIN Code for your device. So even though your Smartphone gets in the hands of an Unknown person they will not be able to access any of your Personal information on your Smartphone.

Setting up either a PIN or Pattern Lock will provide only half of the security and to further increase the security of your Smartphone you can also create a PIN Lock for your SIM Card.

2. Stay Away From Rooting:

Rooting Android Smartphone has been quite Popular among Users which in the case is known as Jailbreaking in a case of iOS users. The advantage of Rooting Smartphone is that it allows the users the Ultimate Access to all the core files of the Smartphone. And it allows users to use different Hacking Apps such as Freedom APK, Lucky PatcherApk, Cheat Engine and much more.

But there is a huge downside in rooting any Smartphone. One of the major downside being the security risk that a rooted Smartphone tend to bring with it.

A Rooted Smartphone allows the users to access all the System-level resources. And at the same time, it also allows the access to your system for all the potential threats including Hackers.

So if you are not looking for any Sort term benefit and you want to keep your Smartphone protected then you should certainly stay away from Rooting your Android Devices.

3. Don’t Prefer Unknown Sourced Apps:

Another mistake that most of the Smartphone users do is that they tend to download & install Apps & other Software’s from Untrusted sources.

And if you don’t want to compromise the security of your Smartphone then you should certainly avoid downloading Apps from any Unknown sources either than the Official Sources.

Most of the Apps that you download from untrusted sources might be infected by Virus and Malware which can be further exploited by hackers to steal your sensitive information from your Smartphone.

To protect your Smartphone from installing any Apps and Softwares from Unknown Sources you can just disable the “Unknown Sources” option in the Settings of your Smartphone.

4. Don’t use Unprotected Wireless Connection:

Using unprotected Network Connection on your Smartphone can make your Smartphone Venerable to attacks from hackers and identity thief online.

And it is through Online Network that most of the Hackers do their work of hacking into your Smartphone system. This can lead to both financial losses as well as personal information being exploited.

One of the best way to protect your Smartphone from any of the attacks online you should avoid using Public Network on your Smartphone.

5. Update your Operating System:

Many of the Smartphone users tend to have this misconception that if they buy a new Smartphone they don’t need to update their Operating System. This is actually correct to some extent as most of the new Smartphones tend to come with the latest OS Updated in their System.

Now if it has been years that you have updated your old Smartphone then you are already in a potential threat from hackers and other online identity thieves.

Updating the Operating System of your Smartphone will fix most of the problems and bugs with the System of your Smartphone.

The above are some of the security measures that you can follow to prevent your Smartphone from Hackers and other Potential threats to your Smartphone that can harm you in both at a financial as well as personal level.

Well, that will be all in this tutorial and We hope that this guide will really help you to have your Smartphone more secure than ever.


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