Best Open World Games For Android 2023


Recently, Android is leading and widely used mobile operating systems around the world. Features involved in the Android are continuously increasing and from many amazing features in the platform of Android having countless cool games to play. Most of the games are available for free, but some require buying with an amount. According to the research, most downloaded applications on the Android platform are games.

So far, many people have downloaded millions of games. Android games can also able to play on a laptop or computer-like mobile. So people must check the games before installing into the laptop or computer and they should not install all the games that they are crossing from. If done so, it will create more problems in the memory device of the system, which will affect the general speed and functions. Playing android games on a laptop or computer is possible one via a certain application which developers have created recently.

We brought to you some of the best android games for 2023 to play.

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Best Android Open-World Games You Should Be Playing 2023

1. A Tale of Two Sons

The main theme of this game is that two young brothers will make travel to cure their sick father from dying. It has more wonderful visual tale-telling and fantastic 3D environments, what’s distinctive about this game is, the brother can be controlled independently with the help of thumb on any side of the display.

The older brother focused on a task and younger one approach the world playfully. These simple, subtle cooperation and companionship acts will be very pretty and interesting to watch. 


GTA 4 For Android is one of the most amazing open world games on the planet. The game takes place in the LA area, where you have all control over the player’s activity.

The big world, interesting mission, multiplayer online game, and the most active community is made the GTA IV  a great android game.

3. Stack

It is the block stacking game which needed better timing. In which background colors and blocks will change during the game when the user goes to one round to the next round.

Timing is very essential in this game and user required to construct the tower with blocks which slide in from the right and left side on the screen. If block builds successfully, the user base will raise in size, and it will be easier to play.

4. Crashing Season

Crashing season having great animations, tremendous upbeat soundtrack and wacky theme making this game an instant hit. Instead of hunting wildlife, this game allows the user in charge of some animals like bears, alligators, and elk to take care of.

The user needs to save themselves from enemy attacks in a specific way, but they will constantly attack so they need to take care of the incoming bullet barrage. Also, check some of the best android web browsers list.

5. Plants Vs Zombies 2

t is one of the most favorite games among the game players. Pop cap delivering an addictive, colorful, well-balanced strategy with endless replay value.

It totally inventive and every stage has its own distinctive traits, which means progressing via them always, put users in the new challenges.

6. Reigns

The user will get addicted to this game if they will play for 30 seconds. In this game, the user will act as the king who needs to balance the kingdom’s army, religion, treasure, and population.

These four resources will be manipulated through conversation with knights, peasants, witches, church members and more characters. In every conversation, the king should make an important decision by changing the character card to right or to left. This game will make the user as a real king rather than any other video game.

Wrapping up, 

Hope you liked our list of best Android games 2023, if yes let us know in the comment section below.


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