How To Root Android Device Without Computer PC


You have a new android smartphone, what is the next task after buying an android phone? What will you do to generate maximum output from your smartphone? We have an answer for all your queries; you have to perform just a simple task know as rooting of the phone once you root your device you can do the myriad thing you want, which you can’t do in a unrooted android device. These android smartphones can be rooted through a number of tricks and techniques using your PC or PC.

There are myriad of android rooting applications are available in Google play store through which one can root android device with a just single click. These tricks and technologies made rooting work much easier and hassle free.

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How To Root Android Without Computer PC

Benefits of rooting your android device

By rooting your android device you can have full control on your device, you can remove unwanted applications to save extra space for your necessary data. This process gives you easy backup and restores the system without much trouble. You can also install some extra application that couldn’t be installed in unrooted android phones.

We have gathered some android Applications which helps you to root your android device without the computer. Install these APK to start the root process without your computer. Then create a backup for all your user files like Contacts, Music, Photos, Videos, and App, etc. Make sure your phone is charged up to 50% maximum.

We have included some easy cum working app use to root your android device without the help of PC.

1. Frameroot app

It is the best one -click the android rooting app, but you have to follow some steps before start rooting your device.

  1. First of all, download Frameroot APK from official website and then install it on your smartphone.
  2. Go to phone setting-security-then check the box and install the app after a tap on the downloaded APK file.
  3. After you successfully installed the Framaroot android app then open it.
  4. Now choose the “install superuser” from the drop down menu.
  5. Further, choose any of those exploits. ( If once does not work try other two)
  6. After that, you have to wait for some minutes to get the success message that. After that just reboot your phone.

2. Universal android root app

This is the big alternative for android rooting.

  1. Firstly download and install the app on your phone storage.
  2. Then go to your phone’s setting > security >then check the box” now install the apps .then, click on the downloaded application file.
  3. Then open the app and click on the root option. Choose the correct phone version.
  4. Now you are free to root your android device.

3. Towelroot App

Towel root app is introduced by Geohot, and it is the alternative for your android device rooting.

  1. Download Towelroot by Geohot. 
  2. Secondly, go to your phone setting –Security-then check the box install apps now disable if you have one. Then download the APK file.
  3. After that, you need to install the Towelroot app to your android smartphone.
  4. Once you installed Towelroot, after clicking you have to confirm the user installation by clicking on the install anyway when Google android warns not to install this. But doesn’t worry go further and install the app.

4. Z4 Root app

This rooting app is very popular between MTK device owners because it can root any device without much trouble.

  1. Download Z4 root from the website.
  2. Now install the app in your smartphones by simply tapping on it.
  3. One app is successfully installed in your device open this application to root android your device without the need of the computer.

5. KingoRoot app

Kingoroot app is the new rooting app available in the market which can easily root your android device without the much need of the computer.

  1. Download the APK from their website.
  2. Install king root app and open it.
  3. Click further on click root and wait for seconds, it will root your android phones without the use of PC.

There are few phones which are unable to root by installing above given APK, but we will soon provide you the list of alternate methods to root your android phones.

6. IRoot app

This app is considered as one of the best rooting application for android phones, it is made by a Chinese company, but this is also available in English version. Let’s have a look how it works.

  1. First of all, website by tapping download button.
  2. Once, you have successfully download iRoot APK file. Tap on this file to install it on your android phone.
  3. So, now you have installed iRoot in your android mobile. Open the iRoot application in your android phone.
  4. Tap on I Agree.Now, Simply click on Root button in the iRoot app.
  5. It will root your android phone successfully now.


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